At GymClass, we're all about creating community, having fun (i.e., finding workouts that make you feel good), continually learning & always supporting your inner bad ass. We specialize in providing weight lifting & strength training opportunities to those who are curious about learning but less than thrilled about doing it in the weight room of a big box gym. We offer a custom, boutique experience in a fun, modern, clean & supportive environment. In response to Covid, we are offering many opportunities to connect & continue to get an amazing workout. Whether you are not ready to workout in the gym at all, just not with strangers quite yet or maybe completely ready to come back but not thrilled about wearing a mask - we've got you covered.

Ways to get your GymClass in:

*Daily Online, Live-Streamed Workouts

*Daily In-Person Semi-Private Strength Training Classes (outside while required)

*Private Class opportunities (no mask req'd, outside when required)

*Private Training Sessions (no mask req'd, outside when required)

*Private Gym rental (no mask req'd,outside when required).

**GymClass staff will always wear a mask for your safety



GymClass was founded with the idea of introducing strength training to women who normally wouldn't feel comfortable venturing into the weight area of their local gym. Shannon first started training women one-on-one but quickly realized it would be a lot more fun to introduce all these women to each other. Her dream of creating an online & in person community full of women who support each other & share their experience of getting stronger inside and out plays out everyday at GymClass. In 2019, GymClass relocated to it's current location in Belmont and added semi-private & large group classes. In 2020, GymClass evolved again to include online classes as well as full 6 week online workout and nutrition programs.


about the owner

Shannon has been in the fitness industry for years in various capacities, but only recently decided to take the plunge and open her own gym. Rather than a fulfillment of a lifetime dream, opening the gym was more like a natural progression of the trajectory her life has taken over the last 7 years. She grew up an (average) athlete, playing soccer and ice skating then getting into weightlifting as a teenager. While she continued playing sports & working out, it wasn't until after she went through a year of treatment (surgery, radiation & chemotherapy) for breast cancer, in 2013, that she knew what she felt called to do - help other women dig deep & find their inner & outer strength. That was when the journey to GymClass truly began.