Zoom Classes! 

Join me for Daily LIVE Zoom Classes (on Facebook as well). 

M/W/F at 7:00 am Pacific Time: Weight Workouts
T/TH - 7:00 am Pacific Time: Bodyweight Circuit


*Online membership comes with exclusive access to on-demand workouts within my private FB group

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Zoom Classes! 

Join me for Daily LIVE Zoom Classes (on Facebook as well). 

M/W/F - 7:00 am Pacific Time: Weight Workouts
T/Th - 7:00 am Pacific Time: Bodyweight Circuit
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Working out is so much better together. 

While we might not be able to be in the same physical space, Zoom and Facebook LIVE are the next best thing.

  • Quick, simple 45 minute workouts so that you can get your sweat on & get on with your day.
  • Live on Zoom so that you are accountable to someone other than yourself! 
  • Can't make a scheduled class? No problem, the classes are always recorded so you can workout on YOUR time. 


If you need some self-care with a great online workout (strength training and HIIT - live or recorded) AND you want to support an awesome woman and fitness coach - Shannon DeChaine - and her small local business - GymClass -  I highly recommend all of it. It's been nourishing me over the last months!


A huge shout out & thank you to Shannon for the awesome virtual workout classes. Shannon is motivating, upbeat, innovative, and always makes people feel welcome and cared about.  It doesn't matter if you have worked out for years or if you are a beginner, she will break down all the movements & you will feel the burn!

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Check out our in-person classes! 

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Kori M

I am in week six of the six week challenge & I can’t believe the transformation . I am 10 pounds down & my whole body is toning up with the daily sweat and weight class... I’m signing up for 6 more weeks... so much fun... it’s a no brainer and is getting me through this pandemic... I can’t recommend Shannon and the six week challenge enough it has changed my life!! 

Alison T

Just want to give a huge shout-out to Shannon for keeping us all motivated and fit throughout the pandemic. I started the 6 Week Challenge the week after school ended in June, feeling sluggish, wasting my mornings away, not motivated.  Your workouts have motivated me to get up, get fitter (push-ups!) and start my days in a great way. Thanks!! 


GymClass...has been a lifesaver during the SIP. Shannon's six-week program provides the accountability I need to actually get up in the morning and get that workout done. The small group aspect of the classes makes it feel like Shannon is your one-to-one personal trainer & the weekly  1:1 calls w/ Shannon to discuss my personal goals makes that personal touch a reality

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The GymClass Let's Get Lean 6 Week Challenge.

It's practically famous ;) 

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