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How it Began

GymClass was founded with the idea of introducing strength training to women who normally wouldn't feel comfortable venturing into the weight area of their local gym.

Shannon first started training women one-on-one but quickly realized it would be a lot more fun to introduce all these women to each other.

Her dream of creating an online & in-person community full of women who support each other & share their experience of getting stronger inside and out plays out every day at GymClass.

In 2019, Shannon was able to make that dream a reality by moving from training women in her home studio to opening GymClass in Belmont. 

In 2020, during the pandemic,  GymClass evolved again to include online classes as well as online coaching programs.

Now that GymClass is back fully in person, she's kept the online options for those who don't live locally, prefer to workout at home or like to do both!

Meet Shannon

Hey, I'm Shannon

I founded GymClass, but really, it was a rebirth – of myself, my life, & my purpose.

A decade ago, I was on a very different path. My life looked fine on the outside, but inside, I was silently struggling. I was in a toxic marriage, depressed & unhealthy. Then, out of the blue, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It wasn't just a diagnosis; it was a rude awakening. Amidst the year-long storm of chemo, surgery, radiation and tough choices, something incredible happened—I found clarity in the chaos. 

It wasn’t just about fighting cancer; it was about fighting for the life I hadn't been living. I survived, yes. But more than that, I started to thrive. The end of my marriage marked the beginning of my true journey. I took my lifelong passion for strength training and reshaped it into a tool for transformation—not just for me, but for others.

Five years later, GymClass was born. It’s more than a gym—it’s a testament to the belief that every woman has an inner strength that’s just waiting to be harnessed. I didn’t just want to train bodies; I wanted to nurture confidence, foster resilience, and build a community where every member feels seen and supported.

Today, GymClass is a sanctuary where we sweat, we grow, and we celebrate our strength. It’s for anyone who's ever felt stuck, anyone eager to rediscover their potential. So if you're ready to start your own story of transformation in a place that believes in the power of community and the joy of getting stronger, I'm here to welcome you home.


Shannon Dechaine

Owner and Instructor

Shannon has been strength training since she took her first weightlifting class as a sophomore at Carlmont HS in Belmont (35 years ago!). She loves nothing more than seeing other women uncover their inner strength. When not teaching at GymClass or coaching women online, she keeps busy hanging out with her two teenagers, laughing with girlfriends, and traveling with her boyfriend. She's a CPT, a certified life coach, a certified hypnotherapist, NLP and EFT (Tapping) practitioner.

Gen Quiroz


Gen’s love and passion for movement and fitness began in 2010 and it has since evolved into the desire to share that passion by helping others, especially beginners, get started on their individual journeys with whatever goal(s) they have. She enjoys slowing things down, focusing on form, and really making that mind-muscle connection through each movement and takes that same approach when coaching class. Gen teaches Mondays and Fridays at 6pm, a perfect time to get that workout in before heading home to relax after work!

Why GymClass

Our Classes

In our semi-private strength training and circuit classes, limited to ten women, intimacy meets intensity. With us, you'll never be lost in a crowd or stuck at the back of a class. Our small group sizes ensure personalized attention—it's the exclusivity of personal training without the price tag. Every session is an opportunity to not only hone your form but to also join a circle of support that celebrates every rep and every set.

Our Community

GymClass isn’t just a gym; it's a sanctuary. For the beginner, the journey starts with conquering doubts, and for the seasoned exerciser, it's about constantly setting and achieving new goals. We thrive on a simple philosophy: when one of us lifts, we all rise. This is the place where you're cheered on, coached through, and cared for, no matter what step you're on in your fitness journey.

Our Philosophy

At GymClass, we're rewriting the narrative around women and strength training. Gone are the days when weights were the exclusive domain of men. We're here to help all women discover their strength - inside and out. Our core values — empowerment, community, support, and encouragement — are the cornerstones of everything we do. 

Join the GymClass Community

Every woman who walks through our doors is embarking on a journey of self-discovery and strength. At GymClass, we celebrate every PR, every rep, and every time you show up for yourself. Because here, it's not just about the fitness you build; it's about the confidence, the camaraderie, and the sheer joy of feeling powerful in your skin.

Ready to redefine strong? Join us at GymClass — your first class is just the beginning.

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GymClass is located at 501-E Old County Road in Belmont California. Our space offers an intimate women-only opportunity to gain knowledge on weight training and circuit workouts. We pride ourselves in offering a small class-size environment in order to assist our clients with form, strength, and progress. We provide state-of-the-art TerraCore and TRX equipment, as well as free weights and kettlebells.


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Alison T.

"Shannon not only inspires me to continue to work out and to try harder, but she creates a real sense of community with both her online and in-gym classes and events. She is fun, funny, and creates workouts that can be challenging and/or adaptable depending on injuries or other variables. Inspiring!"

Deb S.

"Shannon has created a supportive gym for women of all shapes and sizes. I started with the 12-week program and learned about my eating habits and triggers. I am stronger! I work out in person or online. It has helped my mood, waistline, and blood pressure. She changes up the workout so you never get bored. If you miss the class it's posted online. Shannon can offer modifications for old injuries. She's positive and fun! Come join us!"

Stephanie L.

"Shannon and GymClass deserve a ton of credit for my health, sanity, and happiness. I’ve been a client for over 5 years and am always amazed at how Shannon’s coaching keeps me challenged and interested. The icing on the cake is the amazing and supportive GymClass community that takes the anxiety out of working out and makes it fun!"

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Address: 501E Old County Road, Belmont, CA 94002

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: (650) 280-02427